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Environmental and Social Audit - Q1 2019

Introduction and aim

In accordance with our Environmental & Social Policy (the Policy), we have undertaken an audit of our environmental and social activities and measured our performance against the targets contained in the Policy.


We have also set out ways in which we will strive to act in accordance with the Policy and achieve our targets throughout 2019.


Summary of Activities


  • We have amended our constitution to provide that strategic decisions made at Director level must be taken with due consideration of environmental and/or social impacts
  • We have provided our employees with access to information regarding company direction and ownership
  • All of our employees at Head Office have a bonus objective relating to Sustainability
  • We have updated our Anti-Bribery Policy to increase transparency and de-risk activities by avoiding unfair and inappropriate practices



  • Our workforce numbers are continuing to increase creating job growth in local communities
  • We continue to promote internally as well as hiring new staff externally
  • We are finding new ways to enhance our employee experience, including the provision of exercise classes and healthy foods



  • We are engaged in many community initiatives including the funding of and participation in breakfast clubs and funding and assisting a homeless centre
  • We regularly participate in fundraising activities and make significant charitable donations
  • We are a member of the "100 Tree Club" which contributes to a "greener Greater Manchester" by helping to connect communities through tree planting and woodland management projects across the city region
  • We allow the use of our office facilities for social causes



  • In January 2019, we contracted with a new energy supplier who provides us with 100% renewable energy at both of our sites in the UK
  • We continue to identify and take opportunities to increase energy efficiency at our sites, including movement sensors, timer and thermostat on heating/cooling system and low-faucet flushes in the WCs
  • We now recycle all main types of waste at both of our sites, including paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and batteries
  • We safely dispose of hazardous waste at both of our sites
  • We are able to provide an increasing number of ULEV vehicles
  • We have 6 electric vehicle charging points at our Manchester office and will be increasing the number in the next 6-12 months
  • We have installed more VC facilities in our Manchester office to reduce the need for unnecessary travel to meetings


Performance against Targets




Increase use of renewable energy

Our energy supply was changed to 100% renewable energy in Q1

Reduce transport emissions produced by travel between our various Group locations by, wherever possible, using conference call facilities at all UK locations for management and client meetings

(i) We have been encouraging car sharing and use of public transport to and from the office and places of work to reduce our carbon footprint;

(ii) We have an increasing number of video meetings/calls with our colleagues in other offices/countries and an attendant reduction in travel

Reduce material and water use, and reduce emissions

(i) We have removed single- use plastic bottles from our vending machine and have no paper or plastic cups in our kitchen facilities;

(ii) Some of our departments have gone "paperless" and employees are much more conscious as to whether there is a need to print materials for use at meetings;

(iii) We are continuing to look for ways to reduce our water use

Improve waste management and recycling in all our activities on an ongoing basis

We have reduced the amount of waste we generate and now recycle all main types of waste at both of our sites (see above in Activities)

Increase the number and scope of social initiatives which Chiesi will support

(i) We have included objectives centred around environmental and social initiatives in all performance reviews of our Head Office staff;

(ii) We are continuing to identify and participate in social initiatives and are committed to increasing the amount of volunteering in which we engage. We will do this by partnering with UK-wide charitable organisations


Ongoing Initiatives

Energy Efficiency Measures


We have recently engaged with a specialist organisation which will assess our energy efficiency at our sites and amongst our field-based workers. They will determine our current carbon footprint and will assist us in setting targets and objectives for us to aim to achieve in furtherance of our environmental policy. Those targets and objectives will provide the metrics against which we will be measured going forward




We already partner with several organisations in our efforts to make a difference to communities.

It is our intention to engage in the near future with at least one UK-wide charitable organisation which will allow us to further those efforts and our reach across the UK in a manner which will allow all of our employees and contractors to become involved and make their contribution.



Date of Preparation: April 2019 Job Bag: UK-CHI-1900117