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Our Commitment

Within the Chiesi group, social obligation is central to our mission statement. In addition to providing medicines we support various patient organisations, and our employees are involved in diverse social and community projects.


The Chiesi Foundation

This non-profit organisation works to promote human health through research and by sharing knowledge with the clinical community and patient organisations.  It also supports the education of health care professionals, patients and the general public in our areas of specialist expertise.


Guided by an independent board of eminent academics and practitioners, the Foundation supports research projects that deepen our understanding of patient needs and inform new approaches to their treatment and care. The Foundation also funds the dissemination of these findings through publications, international conferences and other educational initiatives, and is expanding the number and range of research and humanitarian initiatives we support for the prevention and treatment of various diseases in some of the poorest countries.


The Chiesi Code

The high standards we insist upon in all our business dealings are clearly set out in a Code of Conduct to which all of our people adhere. These standards are regularly reviewed and benchmarked against industry best practices. They are supported by a robust system of governance that applies across the entire Chiesi group. In addition, a Corporate Compliance Committee closely monitors the interpretation and implementation of our ethics and compliance guidelines.


UK-CHI-2000762  January 2021

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