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Your voice is important for Chiesi

At Chiesi, we are committed to creating and maintaining a work place based on fairness, honesty and integrity. If you believe there is any malpractice that may pose a risk to Chiesi, it is important you feel you can raise your concerns without fear of repercussion. We have implemented a global whistleblowing process, SpeakUp&BeHeard, which allows anyone (both employees and non-employees) to raise any conduct reasonably believed to be unfair (or even illicit) that could potentially damage the Chiesi brand and/or reputation or that of third parties.

What is it all about? To protect our company and employees against activity which may compromise the business and reputation of Chiesi, SpeakUp&BeHeard has the following benefits:

  • a global system, one common process for all employees across the Chiesi Group;

  • a secure system to ensure the highest level of protection and confidentiality for both the reporters and people involved in the reported conduct/event;

  • it comprises both a web-based platform (independent from Chiesi IT system) and a dedicated hotline;

  • the option of providing your personal details or remaining anonymous.

Although you can remain anonymous, we strongly encourage you to identify yourself enabling us to communicate with you directly should we need further information relating to your report. We stress that all concerns will be taken seriously and treated confidentially and, where appropriate, a full investigation will take place.