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Protecting patients and the planet

At Chiesi, we believe true ‘sustainability’ in respiratory care can only be achieved with a broad array of projects that protect both our patients and the planet. This holistic approach means we sometimes see things a little differently than other pharmaceutical companies.


How are we helping build a better future? 


We take sustainability seriously and challenge ourselves to do more than the expected. Our ongoing projects include:

  • Pledging to become carbon neutral by 2035 by offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions generated by Chiesi1 – well ahead of the UK national target of 2050 
  • Continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of respiratory treatments, from becoming one of the first pharmaceutical companies to move away from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to continuing to invest millions in low global warming potential innovations to treat respiratory diseases1
  • Supporting the NHS strategy to reduce medical waste and empowering patients to change the way they dispose of inhalers by returning them to local pharmacies2 
  • Avoiding ‘one size fits all’ solutions and ensuring patients have access to the treatments and information they need


Our approach to sustainability may surprise you.


DPI Dry powder inhaler 

pMDI Pressurised metered dose inhalers 



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