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Information for Health Care Professionals on the Supply of Chiesi Products

Updated : 3rd April 2020


We have put plans and management processes in place to maintain supplies to patients, during these difficult times and we continue to follow Government advice with regard to our daily activities and are reviewing the situation continuously.


In each of the countries in which we operate, we have formed a Crisis Management Team to oversee policies, processes and the implementation of plans. Our response is being co-ordinated across the Group to ensure all our colleagues remain safe and patient supplies are maintained.


Our Group Business Continuity Team is constantly working to ensure there is an adequate level of stock of materials and products to avoid market supply disruptions, especially for those without any therapeutic alternative on the market. The Team has increased the stock of our products where possible and created “Safety Stock” to ensure mid-term product availability in our markets. We have also ensured that, for the vast majority of our products, there is adequate stock of all materials to avoid market supply disruptions in the medium term (at least 3- 6 months). 


As you will be aware, some of our manufacturing operation is located in Italy. Despite the containment measures in place in Italy, the Italian government is allowing critical areas of business, such as pharmaceutical companies and all their suppliers, to continue their work in order to ensure the continuity of the business and there are no limitations or restrictions either for the transportation of goods. This has allowed our operations to continue as usual. We can reassure you that our production lines are continuing to operate, and we have brought in several measures to safeguard the welfare of our employees and secure business continuity, both from home and at our sites. 


At present in the UK there is significant demand in the supply chain for all Chiesi respiratory products and this is leading to our wholesaler partners suffering from out of stock situations for many lines in many of their depots whilst they are waiting for replenishment of their stocks from Chiesi. This is not a Coronavirus related supply issue but is linked to increased demand. As a consequence, we are receiving many queries from customers regarding our stock and supply situation. At this point in time our only supply issue is with Clenil™ Modulite™ 100mcg pressurised metered dose inhalers as a result of a delay in component material supply, we cannot guarantee un-interrupted supply of this product over the next month. Currently this is the only Chiesi product affected by this situation and we are taking all possible actions to ensure the continued supply of all other Chiesi medicines.


There are other strengths of Clenil™ Modulite™ pressurised metered dose inhalers available as 50mcg or 200mcg which may be used if clinically appropriate as an alternative to the 100mcg strength. The 200mcg strength is not licensed for use in children. Please consult the Summary of Product Characteristics and the British National Formulary for licensed indications and dosage requirements for the various strengths of Clenil™ Modulite™ prior to prescribing.


We would appeal to all Health Care Professionals involved in prescribing our range of products to help us maintain supply by continuing to write monthly repeat prescriptions rather than writing a prescription for several months until such time as the acute pressures begin to ease. This will help us immensely in being able to continue to supply all our products to all our patients in this time of need. We appreciate your ongoing support in this matter, and we will advise you immediately of any material change in circumstances.


 UK-CHI-2000178 – March 2020