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Let's make the world feel better

As a B Corp in the biopharmaceutical industry, Chiesi is counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. It is an achievement to be proud of, and yet one that feels natural: caring for others lies at the root of health science and has always been at the heart of our work.

Our commitment to sustainability

While sustainability has always been important for Chiesi, today it is part of our strategic plan. It means we are committed to improve the quality of life of patients, to protect the planet and its inhabitants, to support our communities, to favour the development of our people and to guarantee the transparency of our work. As part of this process, we have chosen to become a Benefit Corporation, an innovative legal status that allows us to serve a double purpose: not just creating value for our shareholders, but pursuing the general public benefit. Internally, we launched “We Act - Actively Care for Tomorrow”, a sustainability program that engaged the whole Chiesi population into a coordinated effort.


A global effort

Our B Corp certification has been a truly global and collective achievement. Since 2018, 28 branches were involved in a process of assessment and improvement. With a unified measuring standard, we were able to identify areas of evolution in the whole company and to establish best practices that we then spread across all our branches in the world. A whole year was dedicated to defining actions for corporate and local improvement, involving dozens of people in country teams.

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are companies that balance profit and purpose, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. The B Corp movement includes over 2.700 companies in 64 countries, with a shared goal to use business as a force for good. Becoming a B Corp requires achieving a minimum score on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous assessment of the company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment, and publishing a yearly Impact Report for transparency.



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