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Working in partnership

Chiesi is working in collaboration with the NHS and external stakeholders to ensure that Chiesi understands the needs of health care professionals, patients, and the environment that we are working in. This enables Chiesi’s activities to be aligned to NHS priorities that can ultimately benefit the patient.


Chiesi works with and supports not-for-profit charitable organisations, such as patient organisations and health care organisations. This support is provided in accordance with Chiesi’s internal policies and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice. It is an ABPI requirement that all grants paid to these organisations are disclosed in line with the requirements of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and the ABPI Code of Practice.


The Greggs Foundation

Over the past few years Chiesi have supported charity organisations to enable us to give back to the community. In 2017, we secured a new charity partner that had coverage across the UK in order to get all of our employees involved no matter where they are based.


The Greggs Foundation seemed to be the perfect fit.

Since early January 2017, we have partnered with the Greggs Foundation to support their Breakfast Club initiative. The Greggs Foundation supports primary schools with breakfast clubs providing the funding and bread to support the clubs, they also partner with organisations like ourselves to enable them to support more schools.


Why Breakfast Clubs?

Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry or malnourished to learn. It’s reported that many of these children only have one meal a day, their free school lunch.



Chiesi is funding 6 Breakfast Clubs in primary schools across the UK. We will provide the initial funding to set the club up and run the club, but we aim to do much more than that. We would like to involve all of our employees, to help benefit each school that we sponsor, this may be through additional fundraising for the school, volunteering in the school or helping with a specific project.


By fostering strong partnerships with each school we hope to tailor our approach, in order to add value where it matters to you most. Most recently we have facilitated reading volunteers, support charity fundraising events, made funding donations and supported business enterprise initiatives.


Our employees have enjoyed getting to know the children and genuinely feel that they are giving something back to the community. We remain truly committed to adding value to the schools we currently sponsor and this goes beyond simply providing funding to the breakfast clubs.


UK-CHI-2100032  January 2021